The Primary Responsibilities of an Entertainment Litigator

Today, most entertainment litigators will primarily handle matters for celebrities or famous people that want to protect their brand or have concerns about their business. This work does range from disputes about agreements to other disputes involving commissions, to even cases against studios or record labels. In the entertainment industry, almost nothing is untouchable according to Barry K. Rothman, a seasoned entertainment lawyer with over 35 years of experience.

The Differences Between Working with Celebrities and Other Clients

In many ways working with high-profile celebrities is no different than working with high net worth individuals who have assets to manage and people they employ. So, in that regard, your responsibilities may include overseeing real estate transactions, advising professional employees, dealing with a wide array of tax matters, and even domestic relations issues.

However, one of the primary differences with a celebrity is that people all over the world are interested in both their public projects and private meetings and, often, will pay a large amount get such valuable information. Because of this, confidentiality agreements are vital as an entertainment lawyer, so be sure not to neglect this.

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Knowledge is Key

Becoming a versatile entertainment lawyer is a crucial step you must take if you want to take on clients. First off, high-profile cases involve an attorney that knows beyond the scope of the average lawyer. You’ll be handling nontraditional cases and be performing unorthodox actions to help your client either build his or her wealth or protect it.