What Types of Construction Claims Are Commonly Filed?

Summary: There are various types of claims filed in the construction industry, which can make it difficult to understand which type of claim you should be filing. Although you might not be the one officially filing the claim, it’s still important to understand the different claim types.

With so many different kinds of construction claims out there, it can be confusing to clearly understand what sort of claim you should file for your particular case. Some of the most common construction claims will be outlined below for your education:

Construction delay claims are those related to schedule delays. These claims are quite common with larger projects, as unplanned circumstances could impact the roadmap for a construction project. Construction delays can push the construction timeline back and can ultimately result in construction workers missing their projected deadlines. Construction consulting services commonly recommend creating a schedule that works fundamentally with your team.

Breach-of-contract claims are those that oftentimes result from a contract issue. If the person who hired a contractor feels like the work the contractor did was done too quickly, did not meet his or her specifications, or simply does not meet the level of quality that the employer had in mind, then he or she would want to file an owner claim. It is crucial that the employer’s requests outlined in the contract signed by the contractor were not met, in order for such a claim to be filed. The contract legally obligates the contractor to complete the job he or she agreed to, and failure to do so can get them in legal trouble.

A mechanic’s lien claim can be filed if the property owner fails to pay his or her contracted workers. If these contracted workers provide labor, equipment, or materials to aid in the construction of a property and they ultimately do not get proper financial compensation in return, then they are not receiving what they are legally entitled to.

It is crucial to have a solid understanding of your rights as a worker, so you can be aware of when they are being violated. Lyle Charles Consulting, a professional consulting firm can assist you in handling any claims that might arise.