Three tips that will help you successfully resolving construction disputes

Construction disputes are part and parcel of managing a construction project. A disagreement they can harm and disrupt a project while damaging the relationship between the parties involved. According to Lyle Charles, following the three tips below will help any construction company reduce construction disputes.

Understand why construction disputes arise – Most often differences are due to perceived or real violation of a construction contract and the obligations therein. Conflicts can also occur due to a lack of understanding of the agreement, delays on a contract or failure to administer the contract. Knowledge of your contract wording, timelines or sequence are an excellent way to reduce such disputes.

Reduce the possibility of disputes arising – Look at optimizing each aspect of the construction process so that the contract will clarify any common conflicts that may occur. It is advisable to hire a construction claims management team to provide advice large construction project before creating your agreements. Look at reading a contract carefully and marking areas of concern, carefully look at estimates schedules and contracting subcontractors before embarking on a deal.

Construction dispute resolution methods – Look at including some dispute resolution methods into your contract before parties consider litigation. Keep communication lines open so that contractors can reach a team that will help them explain their concerns and help solve issues before they become a problem. Including a mediation clause will also help parties resolve disputes through mediation, which will allow for efficient dispute resolution.