Considerations when selecting a consultant

Summary: A construction consultant can help a project team make the right decisions for their project. However, before you hire, confirm that you do need a consultant. If you do go ahead, understand the role the consultant plays in the project.

Getting help from a construction consultant can be a good way to help the construction team on a project to make the right decisions. However, since construction consultants are expensive, it is important to identify if your projects needs a consultant and what role they will play in your project. Here are a few areas to consider.

Do you need a consultant – Start your investigation by identifying what you need regarding resources, skills, and information to complete your task. Sometimes all the above can be handed to you by the individuals already involved in the project. In this instance, a consultant will have a very small role in your project and therefore would not be a valuable investment. However, if you do not have the skills and information necessary to make a sound decision, including a construction consultant will probably ensure your project moves in the right direction.

The role of the consultant – The main role of any consultant is to provide accurate and reliable information that is communicated to the team effectively. Consultants should also help management to make sound decisions based on accurate information. Lyle Charles warns that it is important that the management is aware that a consultant does not substitute for the responsibility set on the company and its management. The management should use the information and insight offered by the consultant but make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions and consequences.

Written by Lyle Charles. His firm has a long list of experienced, qualified construction expert witnesses that will help with construction cases. Contact our office, and our well-trained team will help you select the best construction consultant for your project.