What Happens when You Get a Divorce

If you’re dealing with anything that involves members of your family, such as child custody, divorce or settling a will or estate, then consider the assistance of a Long Beach family law attorney.

Custody Hearings

In a custody hearing, you want to have someone available who can represent your best interests in the court room. You want to give all of the information about the child and your situation to the attorney before going to court. The attorney can help give details to the judge about your stability and that you would be the best custodian for the child or that a joint situation would be a better option instead of not seeing the child at all.

Child Support

If you are ordered to pay child support, it’s best to have an attorney who can work to get are reasonable amount for the child and yourself. Some custodial parents will want support that exceeds the amounts set forth by the state. Your attorney can work to develop an amount that is manageable for the amount of money you make and the amount you have to spend each month while keeping in mind the needs of the child.

Wills And Estates

If there is a family member who has passed away or you want to begin proceedings to write a will so that family members will know what to expect after death, then a family law attorney Long Beach CA office can help. The attorney can help set up what is best so that everything is equally divided. He can also help with making sure family members are given what is listed in the will after the person passes away.


A Long Beach divorce attorney can help make sure all of the laws and regulations are met in the state where you live as they are all different. The attorney can work with you on making sure all of the assets are divided as they should be and so that any alimony payments are set so that they are fair for both people involved.