Dental Malpractice

Sometimes we find ourselves suffering a significant amount of pain or loss because of a negligent dentist. It can be called dental malpractice when a dentist provides treatment to a patient that falls below the standards of care, which often leads to causing the patient serious injuries. It is striking to note that one out of seven medical malpractice that happens involves an issue caused by dental malpractice.

There are many cases or issues that fall under dental error or dental malpractice More often than not, dentists really work hard for the betterment of their patients, but sometimes they commit far too many mistakes that should be prevented to avoid further damage to happen to their patients. If your dentist fails to inform you of all the available treatment options for you and further explains the advantages and disadvantages of each, then dental lawyers can tell you that this can be filed for dental malpractice because it is their duty to do that. We should be more cautious and not be lenient when it comes to the mistakes our health care practitioners do because it will soon lead to injuries.

Causing nerve damage, incorrect use of anaesthesia, faulty root canals, dental implant injury, use of faulty materials, damaging the lingual nerve, and tooth loss are some of the more serious kinds of errors that will lead to dental malpractice filed against a dentist. Victims can also suffer injuries like chronic pain, numbness and nerve damage to the face, loss of taste and even gum disease.

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Article submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California.